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Dragon Ball GT Sub Indo Episode 1 - 20 (BATCH)

Dragon Ball GT Batch 

Episode 01 - 20 Sub Indo

List Episode Anime Jadul Dragon Ball GT Ep 01 - 20 :

Eps 1 -  The Mysterious Dragon Balls Activate!! Son Goku Becomes A Child!?              
Eps 2 -  I'll Take the Lead! Pan Flies Into Space!!            
Eps 3 -  The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Imegga, Planet Of Merchants                  
Eps 4 -  Wanted!! Desperado Son Goku!?             
Eps 5 -  Check It Out, A Tough Guy!! Ledgic, the Body Guard              
Eps 6 -  Hurts, Don't It!? Son Goku The Dentist              
Eps 7 -  Honey Dearest!? Trunks the Bride        
Eps 8 -  Even Son Goku Gets Knocked About!! Whisker Power at the MAX            
Eps 9 -  No!! Son Goku Leaps Into The Planet of Traps!?             
Eps 10 -  Dance Attack!? Boom-shakalaka!!  
Eps 11 - Luud's Curse!? Pan Becomes A Doll
Eps 12 - The God's Oracle Is A Serious Issue!! Luud Starts Up
Eps 13 - Like Father and Son?! The Mysterious Scientist Myuu
Eps 14 - Catch the Rhythm!? Capture Luud!!
Eps 15 - That's Just Great!! Pan Runs Away!?
Eps 16 - Machine Planet M2... Giru The Backstabber!?
Eps 17 - Leave It To Pan!! The Son Goku Rescue Plan!!
Eps 18 - Ya' Data's Flawed!! Son Goku's True Determination
Eps 19 - The Strongest Mutant, Rilldo Takes To The Field!!
Eps 20  -Taken by Surprise!! Son Goku's Attacked By a Metal Storm    

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